16 July 2009

The art of Gehry

Since I am spending a lot of time working I can only but recycle stories + images from my 2008 archives. I previously posted about the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion circa 07- and recently remembered I also have some images from last years pavilion by Frank Gehry. This was his first structure in the UK and though it was temporary it was a beautiful space that housed many talks and an orchestra during opening night. Frank Gehry is a fascinating architect and I highly recommend you watch the documentary/movie, Sketches of Frank Gehry directed by the late Sydney Pollack. Click here to watch the trailer.

A little bit about the structure :
Frank Gehry said: 'The Pavilion is designed as a wooden timber structure that acts as an urban street running from the park to the existing Gallery. Inside the Pavilion, glass canopies are hung from the wooden structure to protect the interior from wind and rain and provide for shade during sunny days. The Pavilion is much like an amphitheatre, designed to serve as a place for live events, music, performance, discussion and debate. As the visitor walks through the Pavilion they have access to terraced seating on both sides of the urban street. In addition to the terraced seating there are two elevated seating pods, which are accessed around the perimeter of the Pavilion. These pods serve as visual markers enclosing the street and can be used as stages, private viewing platforms and dining areas.'


style slicker said...

it's great for catwalk shows too :)

la petite fashionista said...

such a master architect!Went to the design museum with class yesterday and absolutely loved it! right up my alley..!

Would like to explore the Notting Hill area soon! Will you be around this weekend if i give you a ring to meet for coffee?

Wafa Obaidat said...

Style Slicker: I know! Didnt think of that.
La Petite Fashionista: Yes I am after 1 pm on both days! Give me a heads up and we'll go for cupcakes!

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