11 July 2009


FA loves Collage. Especially collages on London maps. These images were taken from the Super Contemporary exhibit at the Design Museum: a retrospect celebrating past, present, and future of London. These collages dotted the gallery, and I couldn't help but snap away at the lovely notes, post-its, Polaroids, and drawings that highlighted passages in the streets of this beautiful city.


TRU said...

Wow... these are so cool.
thanks i would never be able to experience them without you.
I wish i lived in London again. I love seeing stuff like this.

keep rockin it!

la petite fashionista said...

this is so amazing! exactly my type of exhibit. it's at the design museum you said? Also, I'm just getting settled into my flat! would love to meet up for coffee or something like that!

Ondo Lady said...

Oh that looks so exciting. I am a but of a map geek ad love polaroids so this is right up my street. I will def check it out.

Wafa Obaidat said...

Tru : Thats okay, you can experience them right here! Glad you liked them!
LA Petite: Yes Would love too! Sent you my number in the last email, give me a ring when you around Notting Hill, thats where I live, and we can grab a coffee!
Ondo Lady:me too! Love maps,post its, letters, anything on paper really! Glad you liked them!

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