19 July 2009

Miniu by Obai and Bash - Behind The Scenes

We're all aware of celebrity news and their fashion lines. Its not hot news that collaborating with a Target and Kitson is the norm and has spiraled a million young fashionista's to launch their own lines with little or no experience. Seeing as I am telling off those who dare venture into fashion design territory without a degree I'm afraid I myself am venturing into the fashion unknown. Well not really unknown. Other than flogging myself into the industry back in my student days and working in fashion for the past year I am finally going to tip-toe into the realm of design armed with my partners Miniu and Luma B. We are armed with conceptual thoughts, sketches on loose paper, and pins to nip and tuck.

Our line is not one with schedule or focused on trend. Rather its become a collaborative experiential ritual where we meet to discuss notes on pattern cutting, tailoring, prints and fabrics in our Notting Hill loft enjoying the process of turning sketches into samples. Miniu and I have worked on numerous projects together meeting over the years to test ideas in architecture and fashion late into the nights of a Green Park Starbucks but I think this would be the first time we are able to find rhythm for our concepts. I took some snaps of our last meet so you can catch glimpses of our attention to detail and train of thought.



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