21 July 2009

Since 1909

Not many shopaholics know this, but deep in the Selfridges basement a gallery of treasures lie celebrating Gordon Selfridges the man acclaimed as the creator of "the theater of retailing". Selfridges was always intended to be part store, part theater, part art exhibition gallery, and learning center but what it is for sure is the most beautiful department store in London. The exhibition tells the story of 100 years of Selfridges with information on the building architecture, window displays and the shopping experience. My personal fave bits from the gallery was the life sized Gordon made out of 200,000 lickable jellies, the iconic packaging of the bags tumbling from the ceiling, and the delicate photo montages laid on glass.


lovelylovisa said...

wow are you allowed to eat gordon? xx

Wafa Obaidat said...

i wish .. it looked yum!!

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