23 September 2009

Day 1 of LFW - Street Styling @ BFC Tents

First day of LFW was electrifying due to the new venue. Somerset house was a perfect clean calm space to encompass the all the buyers, press, and fashion lovers that come together from all over the world to celebrate British fashion. Before the first show of the day Steven Jones was spotted at the BFC tent judging a panel of models in an alternating circular catwalk. The feather buyers were there, looking sleek and edgy as ever. Boris Johnson graced the second show of the day by attending Caroline Charles where he jollingly enjoyed the show. And of course it was great to see Colin McDowelle and Hilary Alexander for another season seated on the front row of all the shows in the BFC tent supporting the designers and bobbing to the music. All in all the first day was a great way to kick off the 25th anniversary celebrations.

Steven Jones @BFC Tents

@Reiss/Dazed and Confused Party

Feathers buyer Tiffany Hsu and crew

Colin McDowelle-Sunday Times Style Fashion Writer
Feathers Buyer-Tiffany Hsu

Boris Johnson- Mayor of London

Joan Collins

Fred Butler
Hilary Alexander- Fashion Director for Daily Telegraph


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