08 November 2008

Charming and Out in the open

This is very bad reportage on my part but I stumbled into a little store next to the Rupert Sanderson showroom, on Bruton Place that looked so charming. I think it made tailor-made- everything for men. Jeans, shirts, and suits. All the buttons and different materials were displayed on dark wooden tables. All the fixtures for the ties and pants were on custom made shelves and boxes. All the pattern cutting was on sandy brown paper and displayed on high wall fixtures. It was all so elegant and well thought out, I didn't dare touch anything in fear of moving around a curated rubber or needle! But typical of my clumsy self I seem to have lost their business card in my bag of Conde Nast goodies. I will def make it my mission to go back and find the name of this little darling store next time I'm in Berkeley Square.

1 comment:

Mrs Gorman said...

I'd LOVE to know where this is, to buy a gift for Mr G for X-marse!