08 November 2008

Working @ Doll

Clawing my way into the fashion industry was not going to be an easy task but I was lucky enough to score a few fantabolous internships before I start working full time with an ever so cool designer in the next few weeks. (All shall be revealed in due time!)

One of my internships was working with Doll, fashion event, production, and promotion agency. I was lucky enough to meet the great team behind Doll and work with them! Lee, Ed, Chris, and Clare took me into their wonderful space on Percy street where plans were being put in place for the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham which to my glee will be hosted by Heidi and Spencer from the Hills ! I managed to snap away some picees of the office on a Friday afternoon along with Surrie, another intern and loyally my partner-in-crime at Doll. We shared much laughter and frantic sessions over scanning/casting/emailing/excel-ing/registering, organizing, and hanging up the the truckloads of beautiful clothes for the Clothes Live Show. Check out more details of the largest fashion and beauty event in the world here and be sure to try to make it! It shall be a feast for the eyes!

Glimpses of Doll Offices

The glue that holds Doll together: Erin

My wonderful Surrie

The interns corner

When Erin is not snoring she likes to pose for my camera

A real pick cuckoo clock the cuckoo's every hour


Doll Clothes Gal said...

Great post - some lovely things there.

Anonymous said...

you dont happen to know sarah do you?, she said she was interning at doll. i went to uni/worked at felder felder with her.

great blog you have here, i love seeing pics of behind the scenes sort of stuff