21 June 2009

Credit Pizza Crunch

You can't open a magazine or newspaper these days without seeing a heart-renching article on how to deal with the credit crunch. Eat in blah blah blah.. exchange your gym membership for a jog in the park blah blah blah. It only gets interesting when food critics start reviewing affordable Italian eateries to fight the credit card blues. So its ironic when after a long day battling sale mobs in Topshop you find you are given a credit card to order a hearty pasta dish. On your way ino Vapiano, an innovative new resteraunt, you get given your very own swipe card to use when placing your order for fresh pasta, pizza, and bruschetta and then watch as one of the dozen or so chefs behind the counter cook it for you. Its so refreshing to eliminate the wait for a waiter and charge ahead to make your order. Within a glass box next to the counters you can also watch as fresh pasta is being made by one of the friendly chefs at the place( There are no waiters at this resteraunt). The seating arrangement is also fun at this place because you can choose to sit on long table deck with other people, or high up in a stool/bar for privacy, or on a lounge couch area in various corners of the restaurant. To top it all off, you can grab a handful of gummy bears on your way out.


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