25 June 2009

Highlights from the Branding Museum

Going over my twit posts I can't help but notice I've shoved Notting Hill, my new area, in every twit update. And as much as I want to stop Not-Hilling every situation I'm in, this is still a new exciting unexplored town in my London map. There are still so many pizzerias to discover, so many mocha's to taste, so many streets to get lost in. I've moved into N-hill a few months ago but I would never have guessed that a mere 2 minute walk away lay a Branding Museum. A hop and skip away my place lay a place dedicated to the package and the brand and the cream of the crop was finding Temperley's studio/showroom right next door.

I simply had to check this museum out. Which I did. And loved. In the dim museum was an archive of packaged toys, vintage candy bar wrappers, boxy cleaning products, classic bottled drinks and everything else from mickey mouse toys to .. gas masks. The branding museum is a quirky and cozy space definitely worth a visit after some brunch in Tom's Kitchen.

Sweet street where Temperley and Museum of Brands are located

How hard must have it been playing with these rackets?

Longest ad ever for indian curry.

I really think the Maltesers packaging should make a comeback.

What is mock turtle soup ? Scary.

Tony was skinnier.


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