07 June 2009

Mickey Mouse Ring

Subscribing to the East End Thrift Store newsletter means I get dibs on jumble sales and vintage store slumber parties where you get to try on all their new gear over free drinks and social chatter on Thursdays. So I took my wee self and my vintage partner Luma to the East End Jumble Sale to the rummage around through piles of clothes on the first floor. We found poeple rolling up vintage finds into ten, twenty, and fifty pound bags. Unfortunatley there wasn't much to my liking so we opted for the designer sale on Brick Lane to find that wasn't very interesting either. After a quick macaroni and olive snack I came across a stall that sold the funkiest rings. After trying all of them on I chose the huge unusual Mickey Mouse ring which has gotten a lot of attention everytime I took it out so far. Too bad the stall was nameless and I can't credit the designer but I am going back for the 3D camera necklace.

East London Thrift Store - Jumble Sale

Mickey Mouse Ring Stall

Vintage Partner -Lumzster
Find of the day - Mickey Mouse Ring


Sara said...

Heeeey ... AMAAAZING BLOG <3 ...
i just wanted to know where is the mickey mouse ring place ... coz I really like alot of the stuff from the pics that u posted

Wafa Obaidat said...

the mickey mouse ring is from Spitafield Market, off Brick Lane, in London.
You have to go on a Sunday, there are beautiful booths selling quirky accessorizes, you'll find loads of interesting stuff!

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