11 June 2009

Portfolio Seminar

Today I went to a portfolio event specifically to attend a How To Make Magazines seminar that Richard Wilding was kind enough to get me a ticket for when I was in the states. My excitement fizzled over on my way there seeing the tube wasn't working (due to strikes) and the weather kept switching from showery to sunny every five seconds. I got to Central Westminster Hall, the same space where I graduated last year, to find out right before the seminar that Becky Smith the founder and creative director of Lula Magazine would also be amongst the other editors to share her magazine story. The one hour long stuffy bus journey and layered coats in arm has officially been worth the visit seeing as I am a huge Lula fan. I have the last four issues of Lula magazine on a corner of my beloved bookshelf on their own, like display pieces.

The Portfolio show had two large open hall spaces where you could view hundreds of illustration and photography portfolio's and talk to the agents that represented them. The show which was put together by Creative Review and Design Week also had an interesting project running at the space called Ryan's Boothnation project. Boothnation was no ordinary photo booth; it was a sophisticated photographic studio kitted out with state of the art photo booth and everyone who came along to the Portfolios was invited to have their picture taken in the booth to form part of a special CR publication. The Portfolio event was a great networking area, they even gave out massive creative review textbooks with all the portfolio's inside. I will be blogging more about the Magazine seminar in another post becauses I have so much info to sift through and share with you.

Portfolios - Central Hall Westminster
Becky Smith for Lula Magazine
One of the cool kitted out booths at the photography section

Jelly London - Cool Illustration Agency

Loved the frames

Creative Business Cards
Queing for the Boothnation at the Portfolio show


la petite fashionista said...

wow, what an amazing event! it's such a great experience to listen and learn from editors you respect and look up to. and the photo booth is so cool!

Ondo Lady said...

This sounds like a great event, I wish I had known about it. If it is on next year then I will be there.

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