27 June 2008

Experiencing the GOK !

Who is Gok Wan ? Was the first question I asked myself when I received an invitation to attend his new show Gok's Fashion Fix, which airs on Channel 4 at 8 pm on Thursdays.

I quick Wykepedia visit, I found out he is a style expert , TV personality and very popular here in the UK. His new show is a follow up of his previous show How To Look Good Naked.

His latest show sees him trying to come up with 200 pounds high street outfits to rival the expensive designer outfit. He is very impressive taking H& M, River Island, and Primark and turning a high street number into something out of a Prada catalog. He radiates positive energy, and is effortlessly hilarious. I am looking forward to his forthcoming episodes with Mischa Barton, Kelly Osbourne, Joan Collins, and much more tips on tuning my affordable into designer. Gok also has a free Style Consultation on his channel 4 site, do take a browse as its easy, fun, and gives you great tips on what clothes would suit your body type.