28 June 2008

The future Coco

Playing Coco Chanel in her upcoming movie, Audrey Tatou's movie proved an adorable hit in my book. I tend to be a picky critique when watching movies, rolling my eyes at the cheesy chick flicks. But I don't know why this one I liked .. I really do think it was the French accent, and smart sense of humor that made this movie appeal to me. Audrey Tatou was mesmerizing in this movie where she played a gold-digger dropped by her older rich boyfriend when she has a fling with naive waiter Jean at the Biarritz hotel, thinking he is a millionaire when really he is the hotel's bar man. She subsequently takes the poor guy for every penny, then, when he follows her to the Cote d'Azur, she teaches him to be a successful gigolo and exploit rich, middle-aged widows. The ending is predictable, but nonetheless I found Audrey elegant and chic. I just can't wait for the Coco movie!