27 June 2008

TK-MAXX-ing it this summer!

Since Cow, I haven’t had a store craze in a while. But after today I think I am accumulating a store addiction unconsciously. It is called the TK Maxx (I’m in the area so let me just pass by and see if they’ve got anything good-addication)! For those of you who are not familiar with their concept it’s very simple. They buy big labels at small prices, and they have new stock everyday. (In not so fancy words- outlet shop!)

The nearest one to me is Hammersmith, which is a reasonable amount of tube stops away. I scored big time when I visited the TK Maxx in Brent Cross a few weeks ago scoring a Betty Jackson brown leather schooly looking wedge with open toe, and Miss Selfridge party shoes with scaled silver leather. Total score: 70 pretty quidys!

My last visit to the Hammersmith TK Maxx proved a big fatty failure because I found zilch! But when I opted to pass by again yesterday I caught sight of very pwetty black leather heels, very Gucci this season and snapped them up for just 25 pounds!

I think I enjoy frequenting the local TK Maxx because it’s the curiosity of snatching a good buy that drives me wild. Sometimes there is nada – and sometimes there are so many things to choose from! The gamble just makes it all the more fun to shop there. I don’t know why I opt for shoes every time, but note – to – self: I shall keep an eye out for their racks of handbags, dresses, and t-shirts. After I scour the shoe racks of course.


Modelizer said...

I remember shooting the real thing earlier this season. They look painful!

Tk maxx = tjmaxx in the states. While I was in London for a semester I discovered tk maxx and I felt like I was home once again. The one in Chelsea [I believe it was Chelsea] is really nice, lots of great things. Too bad even 2 years ago the pound was seriously beating the dollar :(

Anonymous said...

learn to spell u tool before acting like a fashion journalist , which you are clearly not and never will be. also your style is very cheap a.k.a primark , first fashion faux pas . and the shoes you scored are so NOT gucci this season, and your makeup/visage is ass.
xoxox gossip girl

Anonymous said...

that soooo like totally true ..
u suck ass!!!
stop being something ur not!! phoney!!!!!!

xoxo B

Anonymous said...

an oh btw if there was a list of the most annoying ppl in the world ull be the only one!! congrats!!