28 June 2008

Visa Swap your Unwants

Fashion lovers gather all your unwants. I'm talking high street coats, scarves, pants, designer sunnies anything you would want to trade for, the Visa Swap bus could be coming your way and you could make a drop off.

A genius concept, the Visa Swap allows you trade unwanted goodies in exchange for points which is topped up into a card that you can then use to buy other goodies. It's like an accessible e-bay, a clothes voucher. Linsday Lohan is fronting their campaign this summer, and a menswear visa swap is added to this years swap-a-thon. If you can't get to Covent Garden to exchange your stuff just check out the van timings below for a drop off ! Being a rummager myself and continuing my addictive bargain hunt habit I shall be on my way to Covent Garden with a truckload of H&M tops I never wear anymore and a couple of small designer handbags I've had since I've been 16.

Van Schedule

Monday 30th June 2008
12noon – 1.30pm Sheldon Square, Visa Offices
Saturday 5th July 2008
2pm – 4pm Portobello Market, Raddington Road, Notting Hill, London
Sunday 6th July 2008
2pm – 4pm Elys Yard, Truman Brewery, Spitalfields, London
Sunday 13th July 2008
2pm – 4pm Outside Hammersmith Traid, 119 Kings Street, Hammersmith, London


Annie said...

that sounds so cool!

Francis Girard said...

A note from last year - high street brands need be higher end high street to warrant reasonable points ie. Karen Millen, Ted Baker ect, Jigsaw is ok also but the higher the high street the more points. Obviously. I found topshop and co not really worth it. Its a super fun experience if you have lots of points though. xf