15 June 2008

Q and A with Miss Prim

Everyone dreams about starting their own magazines! Why shouldn't they? Magazines are now such an integral part of our lives, expressing views and opinions and work that inspire us. I remember I had a phase where I wanted to start a magazine called Kashka, an online magazine for the University of the Arts London and though I never got around to putting together an issue, the concept of it won me and my crew 1000 pounds from the ECCA for most innovative business idea of the year. It was by far my biggest gold star moment !

But recently I've been spending a lot of time exploring online magazines and fell head over heels over Prim Magazine. Prim is an online magazine put together by a highly energetic visionary 14 year old, Kirsten. It's fun, and very easy to read online!
Watch out for the next issue as I am excitedly writing a few articles for the magazine. I feel another gold star moment fast approaching. Here is a quick Q-A with Kirsten that gave me an insight into her life and the birth of her very cool magazine.

Fashion Ambition: When and why did you start Prim Magazine?
Kristen: I started prim. in March 2008 and the first issue debuted April 1st. I guess I started it because I was sick of running a blog where people only heard my opinions. It's very important to have a constant flow of different views and ideas coming from people from around the globe. It gives you a different outlook on everything around you.

FA: What is the main concept of Prim?
K: Basically, we see magazines every day go from a little independent-run publication that rocks to something sprawled with $5,000.00 handbags and untalented celebrities in the spreads. It's time for a magazine to come around and keep up the consistent flow of talented bands, actors, artists, etc. that haven't really blown up yet... AND have a house and money in the long run.

FA: What inspires you ?
K: Everything. I'm a musician and I have to say a lot of my inspiration comes from music... especially some rap! It's almost all I listen to.

FA: What is the long term dream for Prim Magazine?
K: When I'm 18 I actually want to put it into print and see how it goes. We're getting tons of positive feedback and have many many requests to print on paper so hopefully that will happen in the future.

FA: Is Prim Magazine a temporary project or a long term affair?
K: Hopefully long term but we'll see how that goes.

FA: What is your favorite part of working with the magazine?
K: Speaking to my favorite people!!! I loved to cover Yelle and this issue we're covering BYATA, a Brooklyn-born badass rapper that definitely is my sole inspiration right now. But then again, I love to cover those that maybe are looking for their big break; it's always fun. There's also that element of enjoyment that comes from just dealing with the staff! Everyone has so many cultures, traditions, opinions, and talents that it's just really cool to work with them.

FA: How much time does Prim take from your daily life?
K: It really depends. Average time for an issue amounts to literally about 40 hours on my part.

FA: Do you get any support from friends/ family? Do you have a right winged man/woman?
K: No, actually none of my friends or family are involved. I have many special people that help me with ideas and such like you, Anna, Sarah, and Margot. You guys are my people LOL.

FA: What has been the most challenging part of working with Prim?
K: Hm... probably finishing things on time. Freshman year was really crazy school-wise so it was hard getting everything together but it came out in the end.

FA: What has been your gold-star moment with the magazine?
K: Not to sound cliche, but really all. I enjoy doing everything. Although I have to say being covered by people like Susie of Style Bubble and Naomi Nevitt of Teen Vogue were really amazing.

FA: What is a typical Prim day like?
K: Air conditioning, carpal tunnel, and tons of patience.

FA: Many people dream about starting their own magazine, but here you are at 14 with a magazine of your own. Do you have any advice for someone starting their own magazine?
K: Know what you want to do. You can't start anything without a mission statement, style, and a whole lot of good vibes. If you enjoy what you do, people will appreciate the work (hopefully, lol).

Well to have achieved so much at a young age it def gives me inspiration to do all that I want to do . Thanks Kristen !

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kirsty lee said...

love the magazine, and she's so inspirational getting it all together at the age of 14. i'm in awe.