15 June 2008

Unforgotten moments at Nottingham

I got so caught up with my new favorite store COW I failed to mention a neighboring vintage goody store called Wilder who also had many a nice treats. Though their prices don't bargain as much as Cow, they are still a blessing to my wallet when compared to Londi Prices. There array of accessories, especially earrings were a real gold mine, and I snapped up some amazing vintage earrings for just 4.99! Note it down in your diary when visiting sweet Nottingham. I also loved how the accessories were thumbtacked to bulletin boards! Great DIY project for long necklaces which are strewn in baskets.

Another note-in-diary visit should be made to Fashion Cafe. Not only can you use the actual phrase "I'm eating at fashion", but the food was yum yum yum. I had brunch there almost every day. On my list of fave yums: Eggs Benedict with salmon, hand cut chips, risotto, and Goat cheese salad. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. The atmosphere on the patio is fantastic on a warm sunny day where I lounged on the slick furniture and indulged in a little people watching.

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kirsty lee said...

love eggs benedicts with salmon. i think it's called eggs florentine? i ate it every day when i was in NY, though much bigger portions. think i got pretty fat.

that shop looks pretty good. i've never been to nottingham.

ps how's the flyer coming along? x