15 June 2008

Street and Studio

Street and studio – this blog is transforming into a photography one, with my last few posts being about fashion photography or plain photography. I always said at the beginning of this blog I was succumbing on a journey – to find what more about I love/my passions etc and to share them with my readers. I find I have been drawn to the world of photography mostly by chance. From meeting Mokhtar the photographer, visiting the Design Museum for Tim Walker, and to watching Imagine through the life of a lens a documentary about Annie Lebovitz, and recently attending the Street and Studio exhibition at the Tate modern.

Street and Studio is an exhibition of international photography- 350 photographs to be exact. its a detailed history of photography taken on the street and in the studio. I found I was more attracted and awed with the street photography, and relating my amateur experiences as a street style snapper to those who have snapped on the street from the late 1800s to the present. There were some really creative ideas and a few photographs that really shook me to my core (excuse the drama, the tate gets me at times)

Being a street style photographer myself , the street style picees were fantastic because the invention of small handheld cameras, it has been possible to stage fictions and capture identities of time. Being an obsessive lame-ass I recorded what I liked about the exhibition !

Suzanne Lafont

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