10 June 2008

Red Bull Festival

I have never been a person who wins things at random. You name it- I've lost it. Carnival raffle in school- nope. Writing competition in school - nope de nope . I poured my heart and soul into those 12 pages.

So it came as a lover-ly surprise when I signed up for Red Bull Festival tickets and won. Sure they were free but who cares. When I found out 80,000 people were attending the same event that didn't faze me one bit. I still think my luck is looking up. I printed out my free 4 tickets, and started planning which victory summer dress shall share my win in Hyde Park. For those of you who've never attended a Red Bull Flugtag it is a HILARIOUS crazy looney competition which involves man powered flying machine (or not) and a crazy pilot and fly crew who launch themselves off a 6 meter ramp into the mucky Hyde Park River. 41 teams invented, designed, constructed their own crafts for months to then fly them over the ramp into the water. The event is too funny for words, and I got mouth lock jaw from smiling and laughing like a twat for 7 hours.

All the crowds had great views of the action around the pond because of the four big screens installed on the grass areas. Presenters were hilarious, food was expensive, Red Bull wasn't free but I was amazed at the team's enthusiasm for choreographed routines before their flights, their choice of costume, music, and team name. There was Banana Man, the Blonde Bimbos, men dressed as nuns, men dressed as women, Alice and Wonderland and her crew, Batman and Robin, Cleopatra on a Sphinx, a rooster flappings it wings, a flapping Swan heading straight into the water. This event was certainly not fashion related but it did give me a much needed good laugh and I got a stream of yummy street style pics!

I highly recommend raffling up for this event for next year! Lets just hope I get lucky again.

I took a kabillion films at the Red Bull Flugtag hoping to capture the fun mood. Hope you enjoy them!

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