09 June 2008

Street Style Hunting: Chelsea College of Art and Design / Nottingham

Okay its confession time. I have not blogged for 10 days! Oh my GOD! To the normal person that is just what it is 10 days. In a bloggers eyes not blogging for 10 days is blasphemy. I have so much blogging material on my hands I don't know where to begin. True to my word I visited the Tim Walker exhibition at the Design Museum and I went crazy mesmerized by the beauty of his photographs. But that post will emerge in due time. In the last ten days I managed to go to Nottingham to visit a friend for 5 whole days where I did much vintage thrifting, laughed for 6 hours at the Red Bull Festival where 41 floaties tumbled into the lake in Hyde Park, and finally re-arranged my closet into a somewhat normal state, all the while stopping eye watching the streets for great street style hunts.

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