23 April 2009

Quirky Daisy

There is no better way to start off my day then to have coffee with Richard Wilding and discuss Sketchbook magazine my new business venture. He is inspiring every time we meet, wether its in his beautiful studio in Kings Cross or at a starbux in Victoria Station. We toss back and forth between ideas/constructive criticism/people we meet/galleries+shows we have seen or will see/travels/and all things quirk. He is fast becoming the mentor I need for this project (I also have a theory that he can be a great tutor in design-look out Chelsea!) and meeting up with him is fast becoming a cherished time in my diary. Am super excited to meet him before my Lebanon trip because we're going to be discussing .. paper! Colors, textures, sizes, and quality, can't wait.

After our meet he took me to personally meet the fashion illustrator and artist Daisy de Villeneuve who is one of Richard's clients at her exhibition space (Gallery 11) where I oo-ed and aa-ed at her effortless style in illustration using india ink and silkscreen print. As a lover of all things quirk I simply had to share her drawings with you. Richard and I loved how some of the drawings were hung using red, yellow and green clips.

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