24 April 2009

The Tiny King - Quirk Part 3

In my fantasy I would be able to walk into the Monocle magazine offices. I would walk straight into Tyler Brule's office and have tea with him and we can discuss the next issue of Monocle over laughs and biscuits. Sadly the closest thing I'm going to get to Tyler is reading the latest issue of his magazine or visiting his cool one-stop store for all his favorite things. Sandwiched between a cafe and a charity shop, the Monocle shop is as tiny as ever, fits three people inside at one time. It had the black bike with basket at the front of the store just like how it's advertised in the magazine. And true to its word I could by back-to-back issues of the last 23 issues (wrapped in b&w gift paper is an option). I was so excited to be in the store, I even asked the sales assistant where Tyler lived while I was snapping away. Stalky. 

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