24 April 2009

Bits and Bobs @ the Conran shop

The last time I met up with Richard Wilding, he introduced me to Daisy De Villeneuvre at Gallery 11 as blogger of quirky spaces/things amongst fashion and London. Being introduced as a blogger of fashion I have heard before, but this was my first intro as a quirky soul. All along this blog was some sort of documentation of self-discovery and my journey in this city and I think that this post is proof that my passions for interesting things is surpassing my passion for fashion. Just an-aha moment I was having after I visited the Conran shop in Marylebone High Street to snap away at beautiful objects. 

Beautiful book of illustrations

Glorious packaging 
Why are leather- bound notebooks so romantic?
Traditional is classy 
The ultimate pop up book for children
I love Wallpaper City Guides

Am reading this at the moment! 


la petite fashionista said...

What a gorgeous store with such unique items! I could spend hours in places like that!

Anonymous said...

OHH I just adore stationery stores!
The to do and don't thing ios hilarious!