08 May 2008

fashion156.com presents..

(Deep sigh) What can I say about Style Bubble? Or Susie Bubble except (deep sigh). Back in 2006 I was flicking through an issue of Elle magazine, the travel sized one (it fits ever so neatly in all my handbags, even some of my clutches!) and I came across a list of bloggers to watch out for in the future. There were no images, no fancy font, just a couple of URL addresses. So I checked some of them out, and I found Style Bubble. I don’t know what attracted me to the site, except it was new, fun, and funny! I never book marked the page yet whenever I get Google staring at me in the face when I log into any computer I’m on, I find myself typing in the two words, Style Bubble. And then I am taken to the site. I have adapted to that method up until this day, it’s weird, but habits die hard I guess.

All I know is Susie Bubble was refreshing to me, compared to that entire monotone magazine ‘Buy Me!’ pure advertising reporting that I get in every magazine and website, Susie was about a girl I could relate to. A girl living in the city, with flaws and habits, and a messy closet, who loves to shop and play dress up in front of a long mirror.

Susie has come a long way with complimentary trips to New York for a Gucci event, and Paris as a guest of Chanel. And it’s been great just tagging along on her journey, watching her ups and downs, and sharing in on all the fun. Her passion for fashion has definitely inspired me to start my blog, and rock it like she has by being me and injecting as much of my personality into blogging and fashion as much as possible.

So I guess I keep going back to the Bubble because what I get is a personal commentary on fashion. Her articles are filled with depth and humor, a great combo. Her images from look books are astounding her method unpredictable and charismatic. I guess there is truly never a dull day with the Bubble! Here are the photos from her much awaited shoot with fashion156.com. Enjoy!


susie_bubble said...

Welcome to the mysterious land of blogging! Thank you so much....you're way too kind.... and I'm just glad you're still reading after two years!

fashionambition said...

Thank youuu!!