08 May 2008


I’ve been living in fancy London for four years now and counting, yet I am constantly reminded of how much more there is to see in the city, and the need for more city random walks and explorations. Seriously from now on I am closing my eyes and am going to randomly pick a spot on the tube map and go for an adventure. Packed with my little blog kit, I’m sure I’ll discover little treasure coves that I could then share with you.

Just the other day I was walking amidst a tiny street market in Covent Garden, where plastic sunglasses and fruit were being sold, and I came across a table with a-many treasured graphic and fashion novels. While rummaging through the heap I caught sight of the store Mymagma right in front of the table. It was disguised in slightly tacky red and black fire décor which served as camouflage to what was actually inside.

Walking in I was flabbergasted to see glossy design books and collectible magazines on shelves from the ground up all the way to the high ceiling. Seriously, I needed Lula magazine and it was literally on the ceiling. The kind folks behind the counter agreed for me to take some photos, kindly climbed the longest ladder to get me my Lula, and shared the fact that they have a luxurious online bookstore.

The design gear you find at Mymagma is the type you don’t find anywhere else, as there were in a many different languages and strange packaging ranging from product and packaging design to street style in Tokyo. I have taken a looksie at the website and found some amazing stuff, here are some of my faves.


emsie said...

Thanks for your email, your blog is really great. That looks like magazine heaven!

I don't really have that much experience, if I'm honest, I just write about what interests me.

fashionambition said...

Thanks so much! It really is, its in Covent garden, you should def check it out!