08 May 2008

ROKIT it in the garden

Now London is nice and sunny (God how I wish it was like this all year long!) the city is friendlier and much happier. The food tastes better and you can now walk around the city for endless hours with no real end in mind, but rather just enjoying the weather and the buzz of the crowds. This is my favorite part of the year, there is a whole cool summer breeze going on where you’re finally allowed to wear those shredded jean shorts and gladiator sandals during the day, and just accessories with a cardigan or light cape for the evening.

So on a lovely sunny day I was out and about hunting for some summer must haves. On my list:

  1. Jeans vest with curved flaps at the front
  2. A lot of PINK PINK PINK ruffled blouses, thin belts, don’t ask me why but I’m craving baby pink on everything
  3. A checkered vintage sweatshirt- am still looking for the perfect one !(not too baggy, not too tight)
  4. Vintage fur coat in a light sandy or tanned color ( I know.. I know.. who buys fur in summer, but again have been on the lookout for the perfect one aka fits well, and has a nice price tag)
  5. Sailor stripes on shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, and dresses! Have been a sailor rut this whole season.
I came across Rokit in the garden, and went in. I have always been a loyal customer to the one in the lane, but when I saw how neat and tidy and MASSIVE this one was (neat and tidy=no rummaging in the heat) I couldn’t help but buy up almost all my summer must haves. Here are some pics I took of things that are now sitting politely in my wardrobe and a lot of summer- must-have- soon- when- I- get –my- money- in- about- 2 weeks. Overall this Rokit experience was a quieter one than the one in Brick Lane with a lot more space to explore goodies, I highly recommend you vintage shoppers pop in!

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