04 May 2008

The Room

When I log on facebook, I spend about an hour removing fluff applications like What Kind Of Candy Bar Are You? or Which Celebrity are you most Likely to Date? So it was a real surprise to find a new group request that wasn't all fluff but to the contrary captured my attention with both its name and haunting elegance called The Room.

"Tucked away in the Hamila area, The Room is a hidden treasure for all furniture lovers. A unique blend of the French Burlesque style blending in with Italian glamor and the exoticism of the far East. A paradise for all those who seek to place a one of a kind masterpiece to complete their home. The owner Mrs. Fatima Mattar, an interior designer herself, sought to bring to the people of Bahrain as well as its visitors, her vision of true furniture ingenuity. Her passion for each item at her store is shown through her unique set up and her ability to bring forth a new light for interior space. French, frills, and lace release your inner Princess only at The Room. "

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