30 May 2009

The Bendal Playgroud

What is it about bookstores that seduce me? My mother who has been accompanying me on my many city-exploring endeavors, noticed that I start to gawk at the sight of books, magazines, and stationary at every corner and am racking up on arrow post-its and color coded journals like they're m&m's. But I really can't help myself, I spent pretty much all my childhood with my nose in a book, borrowing book after book from the library with relentless discipline. Now by all means Henri Bendel is no school library, its more of a girl playground of the trendy New Yorker, so it was only fair for them to design a bookshop that befits just that. Super girly, super pink, and filled with fashion collectibles; this tove was a great bookstore hot spot and I confess I spent more time in the bookshop then I did at the accessory stands which my friends found appalling. On my way out though I did get a gorge geometric metal necklace as a Bendal souvenir. I just fell in love with the clinky square clusters of the lost necklace!