30 May 2009

Most Beautiful Store in Tampa Bay

After staying in Tampa for way longer than I planned, some new-made friends of my brother took me to visit Anthropologie, a gorgeous store that sold clothing, jewelry, shoes and bags, home decor accessories and furniture. In most cases I would think a business concept that tries to do too much is generally a lil lost but Anthropologie pulled it off very well.

Walking into the store felt like I was walking into someone's home and life. DIY projects on the wall, personalized notes, vintage cameras, earrings attached to polaroids were slotted on the walls, in bookshelves and cupboards. I sprained my neck from taking too many photographs. At the end I settled for book recipe sleeves, earrings, 2 grandma dresses, and a set of fabric covered notebooks. I'm not very sure if this store is in the UK, in that case I need to find it asap and pay it a visit. But if your ever in Tampa check it out and get lost in this home-store.


la petite fashionista said...

wow didn't know you were visiting Tampa! That's my hometown. :)

Isn't Anthropologie such a pretty store! It makes you want to just live inside their! When I was moving into my apt I wanted to buy everything in there haha.

Wafa Obaidat said...

really? I did not know that. I loved it, it reminded me of my country Bah cz it was cute and small and I got to know the city well after a few days. Its a great store I loved it and havent seen it in the UK yet. I didn't want to leave! I want to copy paste the whole space into my flat.

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