29 May 2009

Peter these are Gorge!

I never do this. I never stop dead in my tracks in the middle of the street and goo and gush at a piece of jewelry. It seems that with today's intensive store stocks I am rarely if ever extremely excited about clothes or jewelry. But when I saw Peter Hopkins, a Brit born, NY based jewelry designer making his flawed exquisite jewelry on the spot I had to simply ignore the DVF, McQueen, and the McCartney that was behind me in the Meatpacking District. Peter had the most amazing story to tell of how he came across his craft and why he works in the city of NY and chooses to be free to sell his items on his own instead of selling to boutiques and stores which he said was a huge pain in the butt. I simply had to have the gold ring with diamond stone in it and practically have slept with it on since I got it. It is probably my most prized possession of 2009 and I find it, as a sales woman exclaimed to me in Westbourne Grove, just Gorge.


Jenny Moore Kennard said...

Peter Hopkins!!!! I have carried around his home made business card ever since I bought one of his chunky silver rings on the streets of NY that he was displaying on a folding TV tray! I often wondered if he kept making his jewlery. It's been a good 12 years ago I'm sure. Great news and thanx for the pix of his work today. Do you know how I can get in touch with him? I still wear my ring and people still want to TAKE IT FROM ME!! jkennard2@aol.com

Wafa Obaidat said...

What a small world!! Yes me too! I never take his gold chunky ring off and I get compliments wherever I go! I have his home made black and white business card too! I emailed him but he never got back to me! What a mystery that guy is . Super talented ! I saw him a few months ago in the Meat packing district. I hope you get through to him because I haven't had any luck :(

Volha said...

love his jewelry! have couple of his pieces: ring, custom made, especially for me earrings, braceletts, and a STAR!! spotted him couple of yaers ago in SoHo, then in 3 years again. havent seen him since... Peter , are you around???

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Janis Shaw said...

I too have a wonderful silver ring that I never ever take off and want more!!!! His jewelry designs are fabulous!

Has anyone heard from him? I tried calling him a couple of weeks ago, his phone number is still working; I left a message but have not heard back. Is he still around.

Tami said...

I too have a fabulous silver diamond ring which i my prized possession!! I aslo carry his little business card and his number is 2123583459 and he did write his email but Ive never had a response hopeeez@excite.com
Good luck!!

maggiemobbs said...

Maggie says..Have just found his homemade card with the 212 tel no. Have a couple of tel nos in uk -just left mess on the one that's still active!
Bought lovely chunky silver ring (son never takes it off!) and matching bracelet He was standing by a low brick wall by the river at Southbank think 1999...he'd placed his jewellery on various autumn leaves that had fallen from nearby trees! Never saw him again!

mellie said...

Peter This is Melinda and donna and we want to make contact and reminise those days of stoke newington town but we cannot alas trace you. get in touch with me on facebook if you get this message you old ellusive fellow.xxxx