28 May 2009

Prada and Pat

Two of my must-see NY stops were the Prada flagship store in Soho (which I grumpily thought was in 5th avenue) and the Patricia Fields store off Bleeker street. And I hate to say that both didn't live up to the hype I had in mind, the Fields store more than the Prada one.

The Patricia Fields caught me by surprise because seeing as it was scrawled in every New York map I got ahold of, it was more about costume jewelry (and tacky at that) instead of wearable creative pieces. The one piece I fell in love with was the Eiffel Tower clutch bag (which Carrie wore in the movie) which had an awful black strap attached to it so I left the store a little sadly then when I first spotted it on the street. Nonetheless I am still a fan of the woman who put the glam back in fashion TV. The Prada store on the other hand was an experience to walk into, with more of a museum-like atmosphere than a store one which is precisely what makes this store such a place to visit. You can easily envision what Koolhaas and Prada had in mind in terms of designing a flexible space for events, shows, and of course shopping.


Arab Damsel in Distress said...

wow. it's so surreal to see a Palestinian Kaffiyeh with the Arabic writing on it on that mannequin. I wonder if Patricia Feilds et al know what the writing actually means.

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