11 May 2008

The Blogging Kit

The blogging kit is fast becoming as crucial to me as my make-up kit. What is a blogging kit you wonder? I’m not trying to sell you software that helps you start your own blog- that stuff is nonsense; you can do it for free at blogspot.com. So the kit you ask? What is it? What does it contain?

The blog kit comes in three forms, the Home Blogging Kit, the On-The-Go Blogging Kit, and The Clutch Kit. The blog kit is the equipment of a blogger. They are the tools, the supplies, the ‘stuff’ that allow the blogger to blog and let alone co-exist. Truthfully we have most of these possessions anyways, but I noticed I need a certain checklist of gear to take with me when I’m on the go or at home blogging. If one piece of equipment is missing I usually find I am stuck and even worse unable to publish that blog.

So these are the ingredients of the:

Home Blogging Kit

Location: Your place, or zone

Description: This kit is designed to be placed at random, but most likely in your own private home/space. This is the space where you have fast i-net connection, where you can have iTunes on, a cup of tea beside you, and most probably where you are most relaxed.


1. Laptop or PC ( Laptop is preferable as you can take it out with you to cafes, trips)+ charger

2. Digital Camera ( or a professional one if you want to have top-notch images) +charger+transfer wire

3. Tray with cushion- An excellent tip I got from someone where you put your laptop on the tray and the tray goes on your lap.

4. Mobile Phone + charger

5. Tripod – if your dressing up, a tripod will keep the camera in place for you to take pictures of yourself

6. Long mirror- useful to dress in front of before taking pics of you dressing up

7. Notebook+pen

8. 2008/2009 Diary-useful when penciling in exhibition dates

9. Photoshop program- fantastic program for collaging and editing images

On-The-Go Blogging Kit

Location: Out of the home

Description: This kit is designed to be fit in a large tote or handbag. It is used when you are out and about, taking street style pics, visiting shops, shopping, attending exhibitions, or meeting with friends, on a tube going to class, picnicking.


  1. Digitial camera+case
  2. Camera charger( You don’t want to know how many times my camera ran out of charge just when I started clicking away)
  3. Notebook+Pen – For noting down ideas/names of designers/street names
  4. USB pen - Sometimes you really want to write a post so working on a friends computer/uni library/internet café/computer with no i-net connection a usb would convenient to files back and forth into your computer
  5. iPod - This is useful when you need to drown out other people’s conversations at starbux while posting
  6. Mobile phone
  7. Business cards - You never know who you might bump into that would want your blog address also if you do street style most if not all people ask for your url address
  8. Magazine - for those long tube travels- the smaller they are the lighter
  9. Travel card
  10. Student card -This is super useful for getting discounts practically everywhere
  11. Tripod – If you are a street style perfectionist, this is a must
  12. A to Z map - Very useful when looking for venues
  13. Laptop Jacket ( useful when lugging the laptop around or is a good thigh shield for when your laptop is warming up)

The Clutch Kit

Description: Out of the home- usually at night

Location: This kit is designed for attending a dinner/party/a club and the blogger needs minimal gear to fit in a smaller bag to match that fancy dress. This kit could be very useful for the evening.


  1. Camera
  2. Mobile Phone
  3. Business card
  4. Tiny Pen


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