13 May 2008

You never get tired of the V&A

You’d think I would come out of the V&A museum gloating after seeing The Story of the Supremes from the Mary Wilson Collection. But it was actually the Collaborators: UK Design for Performance show that really took my breath away. I was slightly annoyed at the 5 pound fare to see the display of costumes worn by The Supremes, one of the most successful groups in the sixties but after getting flustered and lost for about half an hour, somewhere in the back end of the museum I walked into rooms filled with set models, costumes, lighting, music, and sound installation. If you haven’t guessed it I am a major musical/theater junkie. What can I say, most people my age enjoy clubbing here in L-town, I enjoy performances!

Iconic dresses and images of the Supremes

Permanent Iconic Dresses in the Fashion Exhibit

Iconic Dresses- Moschino,Piano Dress By Chanel

Princess Di's Dress is the one on the left

And it gets better. What I love most about the V&A is you can take pictures of everything because it has always been an educational museum. Thanks to Victoria and Albert. So there I was in Room 103 snapping away at the glorious set models, and beautiful sketches. I couldn’t take any pics of the Supreme costumes, but I think the ones I took of the theater sets are def better!

If you finally find room 103, be sure to check out Beatrix Potter’s beautiful sketches of Peter rabbit, next door. I saw the movie Miss Potter a while back and knowing more about her makes you appreciate the drawings. There are also letters written by Miss Potter to her publisher Mr. Norman Warne who was her dear friend and first love.

Other must see shows I’m planning on viewing are China Design Now, and talks by both Cornelia Parker, and Thomas Heatherwick. I know this post is jam packed filled with info, there is just so much to take in at the museum.