13 May 2008

Street Style Hunt: Covent Garden,South Ken,Baker Street

I have a friend who is in love love love with Covent Garden, plus she works there! So her after work hangouts on Tuesdays is spent coffee-ing and vintage shopping with little old me. Which is no problemo with me considering I get to street style hunt while she’s closing up!


Style Slicker said...

LOL was style hunting today no luck in Sloane St, South Kensington, King's st and covent garden.
Managed to to photograph a few in Carnaby ST and soho.


fashionambition said...

Really?? Hahah I was just out and about and they all came my way , somedays its a lot that I get really picky, and somedays theres none! Hahah thats the fun of it I think!!