16 May 2008

The Classic Street Style Hunter

I know a little bit about Francois-Marie Banier. I know that he is one of the best connected fashion photographers in France, and that he photographed the likes of Yves Saint Laurent over the duration of 20 years or so, Jhonny Depp and other Hollywood stars, and shot an ad campaign with Diane Von Furstenberg.

What I didn't know about Banier was that he is a triple threat (person with not one talent but three) if not a quadruple threat. Banier is also a well known playwright, novelist, painter, artist as well as a photographer. And it was by browsing through his site that I came across his collection of beautiful street portraits whose faces are unforgettable.

Banier writes and paints on his photographs which I think make them more personal and more like a story than a single moment. But it was really the portraits of the anonymous street people that I am taken with. When I street style hunt I am just looking unconsciously for a person whose personality is evident in the way they dress. My street stylers usually have on well co-ordinated together outfits in an uncoordinated way and unique charisma which I try and capture as best as I can in the space of 30 seconds before they rush off to catch their bus. But Banier's photographs tell stories through people's faces and expressions in a single moment. I suggest a web surf through the very organized archive of his photographs on his website but if you’re not into photography he has quite a selection of novels available. Still not interested? A flick through his screenplay maybe? Paintings?? Anyone??? Truly the list is endless.


style slicker said...

amazing classic street photographs!!


fashionambition said...

I know! He's amazing, lots more good stuff on his website, check it out !!

kasia said...

oh wow, i love these. i'll look up his other work too!