14 May 2008

Kicks for Liberty

If you look in my shoe rack, you will see many many flats. I practically live in my flats, I'd prefer flats to high heels any day unless I'm back in my home town, then I work the heels. (Walking does not co-exist where I come from) But when I heard the Nike Design team raided the fabric vault in the Liberty store(Wouldn't you so love to look through their fabric archives??) for their latest limited edition shoe, I re-thought the concept of adding sneakers to my lonely rattled converse in the closet.

Nike are not the only one to design such feminine footwear, but for any MTV fans, Rev Run's daughters on his show Run's House have a yummy sneaker line called Pastry alongside their family company brand Run Athletics that sell sneakers and accessories. Shoe names include Blueberry Creme, Strawberry Wafer, and Peanut Butter. These sneakers are really the first kind of shoe that make me crave something sweet when browsing through their site.

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Diana Coronado said...

Cutee, cutee !!
nice material !!