11 May 2008

It's All Made Out of Cardboard!!!

Walking into a Diesel store, you wouldn’t expect everything to be made out of cardboard! But that’s exactly what the Diesel store in Carnaby Street have done. Stocking swimwear, accessories, shoes, and sandals this store designed the interior completely out of cardboard and cardboard boxes.

It gave the store a raw, dirty, yet comfortable feel to it, and it allows curiosity to get ahead of you as you peer into boxes to pull out neon colored bikini tops or a pair of sunnies. Just don’t get too aggressive when moving things around, I can imagine it would be a domino effect when they all come tumbling down.


poppy lee said...

oh wow, they do that bag in the light grey. i might just me about to go and buy it...

check my blog - i gave you a little mention (bottom of the 'east enders' post)

fashionambition said...

yeah they do ! its an amazing bag.

I'll check it out now! thanks for the mention!

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